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BMod Admin
BMod Admin

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Quote Adam Replybullet Topic: They're YOUR mods =)
    Posted: March/05/2009 at 12:56am

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I've been trying to think of ways to make the site more and more personable and have more of a personality. The best way that I can think of to do this is through you! With all of you, there's such a diverse set of personalities, that's what makes it so cool here =)

So, taking the new style a bit farther, I have edited the Mod pages so that they match (in style) the owners profile page. This way you'll get more of a feeling about the person of who's mod you're looking at. And it'll change the flow of browsing the mods.

What to you guys think?

.: Adam
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Quote CheeseStix Replybullet Posted: March/05/2009 at 12:58am
Hloly shit!! Thats awesome!!
Make a note Adam... I owe you a drink.. or 3... that just made my day.
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Quote tasteXofXink Replybullet Posted: March/05/2009 at 1:02am
thats such an awesome idea! thank ypu so much for all of youre hard work!!!!
X3 .. <3
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Heavy Modder
Heavy Modder

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Quote that1chick Replybullet Posted: March/05/2009 at 1:05am
Proving once again, that you, sir, are a bad ass.
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Quote ambermaee Replybullet Posted: March/05/2009 at 1:07am

stoked. i like it a lot.

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Quote BloodLust26 Replybullet Posted: March/05/2009 at 1:17am
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Mod God
Mod God

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Quote standingtyping Replybullet Posted: March/05/2009 at 1:18am
"One day we will be the most awesome crazy cat ladies EVER...
people will know us."
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Mod Zentity
Mod Zentity

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Quote ihaveonlyme Replybullet Posted: March/05/2009 at 1:23am
That is fucking AMAZING!!! I love it!!! Great work!
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Heavy Modder
Heavy Modder

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Quote Jeeennnnniiiii Replybullet Posted: March/05/2009 at 1:47am
ooooooh i like that
well i might have somethin' to say about that, space man!
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lil lucifer

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Quote lil lucifer Replybullet Posted: March/05/2009 at 2:05am
me likey vely much!! lolz.. its cool as Adam..
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