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Quote Roy_Killjoy Replybullet Topic: Bodmods+jobs
    Posted: July/24/2009 at 12:57am

I don't want to make a deal of anything so in short I got into a brief argument about body mods and being able to find work with a friend of mine. The comment was kind of a low blow to me and has me in a weird place of uncerainty about things so to make me feel better and lift my spirts I ask a simple, what's your job?

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Quote Deadkev Replybullet Posted: July/24/2009 at 1:10am

I work at a Tattoo and Body piercing studio during the day and a reastaurant at night

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Quote 7upyours Replybullet Posted: July/24/2009 at 1:11am
i work in a fast food restaurant. cant have any facial piercings visible 
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Quote ayay Replybullet Posted: July/24/2009 at 1:32am
Large department store [they dont really mind as long as its not to 'outrageous']

and am soon to be opening cafe so its up to me

but most hospitality jobs [not silverservice] are generally ok

i remember you saying earlier you wanted to stretchy our labret?
i would hold off on that untill you have a stable employer
or go for an office / phones job

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Quote linda Replybullet Posted: July/24/2009 at 1:48am
I am a sort of personal assistant/secretary at an international academic mail-order bookstore. (phew that's quite a mouthful haha)

It's an office job and they really don't care what I look like, there's no dress code or anything. Very nice.

Used to work in hospitality (sandwich bar) and retail before, which sucked. The sandwich people didn't really care either, but nobody had very visible or extreme mods so I don't know how they would have reacted. The retail jobs I had all didn't allow people to have facial piercings or visible tattoos.
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Quote jbrethour Replybullet Posted: July/24/2009 at 1:58am
I work as an engineer for a small engineering software company developing computational models. I have an advanced degree in engineering, and my mods (1 1/2 inch ears, labret, 100+ hours of tattoos) haven't been an issue. It's really mostly what you know and what you can do that count.
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Quote stellaturcia Replybullet Posted: July/24/2009 at 2:32am
I'm a massage therapist. In my line of work, they can't really say anything about it, because it's so alternative anyway, and most of the people doing it have mods.
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Quote Jeeennnnniiiii Replybullet Posted: July/24/2009 at 4:01am
I work at Starbucks.

all piercings had to be removed when I started and my tattoos must not be visible.
well i might have somethin' to say about that, space man!
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Quote italy Replybullet Posted: July/24/2009 at 4:17am
i work at two separate restaurants.
and im allowed to have piercings and visible tattoos
in both of them.
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Quote Colombel Replybullet Posted: July/24/2009 at 4:41am
I work on an offshore tugboat... oilfield in the gulf of mexico. They don't care what you look like as long as it doesn't hinder your ability to do your job. I have facial tats, the top of my head, sleved, large facial piercings, implants...
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