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Quote Zombiextinct Replybullet Topic: Tattooing Career Path
    Posted: April/05/2010 at 11:33am
Tattooing and Body Piercing is the career path I am choosing to follow. However I need help recieving an apprectinceship. I've yet to actually ask around because Im still not exactly sure as to what I should do.

I have a portfolio but I'm not sure how it should be presented.
Should they be originals? Or copies?
Any other tips?

How can I get the body modification artist to take me seriously as I'm sure they have multiple apprentice requests daily.

How can I set myself apart?
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Quote Carrie_p2005 Replybullet Posted: April/10/2010 at 12:37pm
A portfolio should always be originals.  If you bring in copies, it would look as if you stole artwork and presented it as you own (or else why wouldn't you have the originals?).  Pick out your very best work, remember that you have approximately 1 minute to catch their interest.  Make your portfolio presentable.  Either buy a 3-ring binder and some sleeves, or buy an actual portfolio book from art and craft stores.  Having your artwork neat and organized will show pride in your work and attention to detail.  Put your best work first.  Make sure your portfolio is full, a bunch of empty pages will make it appear that you don't draw all that often. 

Getting an artist to take you seriously can be hard.  If I were you, I would stop by the shop a few times before you bring in your artwork.  Get to know the artists a little before bringing it up.  If you get to know a little about their personality and see interactions with others, it may help you with your approach.  Introduce yourself, and explain that you've always had a fascination with the body modification industry.  You can say that you would like to have a career in tattooing and piercing, but don't actually talk about an apprenticeship yet.  The artist may volunteer a whole bunch of information about what he/she looks for when interviewing a potential apprentice, and what other jackasses have done when asking about an apprenticeship.  You may get a lot of tips on how to present yourself when you do actually ask.  Try to pick a time when the artists aren't likely busy, generally mid afternoon on weekdays is best.  If they are busy, respect that and come back later.  Pick out things you like about the shop and/or things you like about the artist.  Don't gush, but a little flattery goes a long way.  After chatting for a little while, you could let the artist know that you are interested in an apprenticeship and ask if you could make an appointment to discuss the details (asking for an appointment shows that you respect the artist's time).  Of course, any time you go in to talk to the artist, have your portfolio waiting in the car.  If the discussion goes in that direction, you will want to have it available.

When talking to the artist, whether an apprenticeship has actually been discussed yet or not, try to appear self-confident, but keep it humble.  An artist is going to want to mold you into what he/she wants you to be as an artist.  If you act like you already know it all, you will appear unteachable.  The artist may critique or even criticize your work.  If this happens, listen.  The artist will want to see how you handle it when you're told something needs to be improved.  Be yourself, be friendly, and be honest. 

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