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Quote morgannn Replybullet Topic: I keep getting mixed information .
    Posted: April/21/2010 at 5:39pm
Not exactly sure if this is the right section to ask this in, however I need professional information.

I live in New Jersey.

I go to Cosmetology School and have my permit in Cosmetology & Hair Styling. Soon I will be taking the test to receive my Hair License. I work at a salon and hope to one day open my own.

However, Body Modification is also one of my passions and something I'm interested in pursuing. I'd love to have piercing done at my salon, and am interested in getting my piercing license to do on the side when running my own business, and hopefully before that.

I have been told that becoming an apprentice is the only way to become certified.
I have also been told that online classes are available, and that hands on classes are available in NYC.

I've done a lot of research and spoken to the APP but every piece of information I've received is very opinionated and I am in search for the facts.

I also can't seem to find any place that even offers apprenticeships in my area :(

So if anyone can help me out, i'd appreciate it.
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Quote Kashina Replybullet Posted: May/27/2010 at 5:47am

Another piercing/hair salon... well good luck i hope its the first good piercing/hair studio ever. Maybe it would help to hire the absolute best modification artist you can find, give them complete controll over the piercing side of the studio and apprentice under them if you want to learn properly. By giving them controll will be a good way to lure someone good into working in a hair salon. Otherwise just do what you will end up doing, take an online course and open a awsome hair salon that does crappy piercings ...is that opinionated much? Its kinda sadly the reality though. Maybe thats why you are getting such harsh opinions from everyone... Sincerely good luck with your business though.

Beauty Inspires.
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Quote Carrie_p2005 Replybullet Posted: May/27/2010 at 9:48am
Online classes are a complete joke.  1-2 week "crash courses" are also a joke.  For someone who has little knowledge of the professional's side of the industry, an apprenticeship is the proper way to go.  You can learn some things by taking classes, but you will only learn the very basics.  You will miss out on a lot of areas that are very important, like anatomy, proper aftercare, asepsis, jewelry compatibility, troubleshooting problems with piercings, how to deal with difficult clients, moral/ethical issues, liability issues, the list goes on and on.  To learn properly, you need about a year working with an experienced professional to completely learn all these areas. 

As harsh as Kashina sounded in her post, I have to agree with her.  Every single hair salon that I've seen that also does piercings is just gross.  It seems that these two things could go hand in hand, but they really don't.  You are surrounded all day by hair, it's on your shoes, it's on your clothes, it's everywhere.  You try to set up a sanitary field to do your piercing, and you have hair falling off on your tray.  Yuck.  And then the other end of things, you have used needles and bloody gauze in a place where you cut hair. 

The only way I could see something like this working is if you have your studio completely separated into two areas, one where you cut hair, one where you pierce.  The piercing room would have to be completely cut off from the rest of the studio, with a door that stayed closed all the time, to prevent contamination of the piercing room.  And then you would need another separate room with a door that stayed closed, for cleaning of your tools, storage of biohazard materials, and sterilization. 

You will already have an uphill battle in properly setting up your studio.  You will also have an uphill battle getting past the stigma of hair/piercing salons.  Be prepared to lose clients in both directions.  You will have piercing clients that won't go to you because you pierce out of a hair salon, and you will have hair clients that won't go to you because you do piercings there as well.  Personally, because I know all that is required to maintain cleanliness, I would likely never go to a hair salon for a piercing.  There's just too much room for contamination, if for no other reason than the fact that the person piercing me will have countless other people's hair all over their clothing. 

I don't know the laws of New Jersey, so I cannot tell you what you would need to become certified.  But I can tell you that you will likely be inspected by the board of health on a regular basis, probably more often than most because of the nature of the combined businesses.  You will need to be meticulous in your sanitation procedures and also with your recordkeeping.  Because hair/piercing studios are almost always shady, the health department will scrutinize your every move.
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