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Quote toxic_sunset Replybullet Topic: Local news thinks we are dumb and unlovable! :|
    Posted: January/28/2011 at 12:37pm
I woke up yesterday morning, sat down at my computer, and went to the local news website to check the weather when I saw THIS:

Stick It: Strangest Body Piercings

So, "neato!" I thought, and I took a look.

NOT SO NEATO. All the captions are super mean and rude! Some photos were photoshopped. I'm sure all the photos were used without permission. Ridiculous!

So,  I wrote them a letter letting them know that they just lost a viewer. I'm usually not offended by that stuff, but man, some of those captions are downright cruel! Nothing I haven't heard before, but really. No need to encourage this kind of behavior in people that disagree with how us modified people look. Its not okay to say shit like that.
 There are tons of tattooed and pierced people in this town, that was an extremely bad move to alienate a big portion of their potential audience!

In any case, discuss. Write a letter yourself. Be indifferent. Or tell me I'm an idiot for thinking it was unacceptable. :)

Edited by toxic_sunset - January/28/2011 at 12:40pm
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Quote grundstuck Replybullet Posted: January/28/2011 at 1:12pm
There are Eaten and Rouslan too in the pictures. I think they just stole them from Modblog, as many of them were featured there.
Shouldn't they ask permission?

They were trying to be funny, they ended up with stupid captions and some fake pictures in the slideshow too.
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Quote MrJonz Replybullet Posted: January/28/2011 at 1:17pm
Basically just another bunch of small minded idiots pushing their biased agenda on the masses.  Of course this whole article/comments, are completely bullshit and do nothing to help our industry in a positive light.  Of course there a few that are photoshoped (most of which we've all seen im sure), but still.

Also, Bear and Masuimi Max are pic #21, Brit is pic #22, and Rouslan is pic #32.  I highly doubt any of these people gave their permission for their images to be used; especially in the manner they're putting it across as.
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randy flagg
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Quote randy flagg Replybullet Posted: January/28/2011 at 1:33pm
Man those captions were rough. Got me a little pissed off. The sarcasm and insults totally unnecessary.

But then again, it is Texas... and to attack Bear, of all the nice people in the world.

Reminded me of the "kill suggestions" thread, if it were done by the normals.

Kinda sucks when you're under attack with sarcasm and insults by people who think they are better then you.
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Quote Mizzbee666 Replybullet Posted: January/28/2011 at 1:54pm
The captions are just down right offensive.
Most of those pics are from other sites. Pic 8 received a Guiness World Record for getting all of those piercings in one session.
When did slagging off other people become news worthy????

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Quote girlkins Replybullet Posted: January/28/2011 at 2:00pm
I for one would love to see Rouslan tearing these people apart!  I suspect Rouslan is educated to a higher level than the purveyors of such dross.
I think there are three elements of this article that offend me. 
First one being the total lack of respect for people's feelings.
Second the ignorance of the author.
Third the use of images of at least three people I am familiar with alongside such idiotic taglines.
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Quote Braids Replybullet Posted: January/28/2011 at 2:08pm
i just sent them an email. no idea if itll do any good but ill let you know.
"I'm not even going to go into how offensive your "stick it: strangest body piercings" slide show is. Half the photos you have are photoshopped and the other half i know the people personally and know they wouldnt allow you to use their pictures, especially to slander them. You're a news site for god's sake, act like it"
what i said ^ greytongue
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Quote JesseHeglin Replybullet Posted: January/28/2011 at 2:28pm
i just sent one too, if they were this ignorant and disrespectful to any other group they would be retracting there little side show within the day.
it is pretty sad that some people still need to be told what is not alright.
"Do or do not, there is no try."
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Quote happydepression Replybullet Posted: January/28/2011 at 2:31pm
While that was super retarded and immature, I kinda laughed at some of the remarks made of the photos, like really? That really is all you can think of? I can be far more offensive then that... And I'm fuckn shiiiiiney.
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Quote Eui1337 Replybullet Posted: January/28/2011 at 2:41pm
this is what I said to them

I imagine that you have been getting a lot of these emails. But it is somewhat necessary because your slide show entitled "Stick It: Strangest Body Piercings" was not only really factually inaccurate (By using a lot of photoshoped images) Three of these people I talk to and i'm pretty sure you didn't get their permission to use these images at all. I hope next time you actually do more than use google image search and write uneducated comments when putting up "news"

seriously. i hate it when people use that picture of the guy with the "piercing" through his skull.
"I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of stars makes me dream..." - Vincent Van Gogh
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