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Quote jaykey Replybullet Topic: setting up a piercing business/general queries
    Posted: July/21/2012 at 6:53pm
i have the opportunity to possibly wrk in a tattooist but doing piercing.. i am looking into training courses which provide clients to get me going..

im just wondering a couple of things.. i have friends who are willing to let me pierce their ears as practice before i enroll on the course.. i have seen full kits online with disposable forceps, needles, streile jewellery etc.. has anyone used these before.. i would like to try my hand and peple are willing, i have done some research and ear cartilage is pretty straightforward right??

could anyone provide some links or book suggestions to just general good information on piercing in general..

i am a noob here but i do thank in advace for any help/ feedback and replies i get :)
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Quote Keiran1980 Replybullet Posted: July/21/2012 at 7:30pm
Before you stab anyone with some cheap junk you buy online you should properly research the whole field of piercing.

Instead of viewing piercing as being like a haircut or painting finger nails - think of it as low level surgery. If you do it badly you can seriously maim someone. The best way to do it badly is to assume you know what you are doing when you don't.

You should find out about the grades and compositions of metals used for needles and jewelery, their properties and any potential reactions they can have.  If you do this you will quickly realise that the piecing kits you buy are made up of very low quality materials that can cause severe health problems in anyone you use them on. High quality equipment can be obtained from specialist wholesalers.

You should find out about disinfectants of all kinds. Sterlisation methods, and levels of efficacy.

You should make a concise study of human anatomy and physiology.

And finally you should look into the legal and economic factors surrounding piercing people in the country where you live. These are a good way to avoid being arrested.

If you want specific details on anything particular then do feel free to ask for more help Good luck.

"Everyone is from somewhere.
Even if you've never been there." - Ian Anderson
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Quote jaykey Replybullet Posted: July/21/2012 at 8:50pm
thanks for the reply :)

i have done a fair bit of research, and i do uderstand about using high quality jewellery and needles, these kits i have looked at are the real deal from a proper supplier.. and i totally know what your saying as to piercing being risky ( note why i was gonna stick to cartilage ear piercings.. i read in the piercing bible that ear cartilage has very little bllood vessels and is a fairly standard proceedure.. i have been watching numerous videos and reading as much as possible..

i am looking into doing a course soon as i feel this is a job i would really enjoy..

any more links or book suggestions would be greatly appreciated as i am really keen on learning as much as possible.. :)
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Quote TR_966 Replybullet Posted: July/22/2012 at 12:09am
Might I suggest checking out Fakir Body Piercing and Branding Intensives

I was going to suggest the "Piercing Bible" but you stated that you have already read it. Please read it again, more thoroughly. 
And I believe it is ear lobe piercing that you are wanting to start with not ear cartilage piercing. Lobe piercing is pretty standard, cartilage piercing is not. Please do a lot more research before piercing anyone for their safety and your own. Your best bet is to find a professional piercer in your area and get to know them and let them know your interest and that you want to apprentice. That is the best way to learn, there is so much more to it than you could ever hope to learn by watching videos and reading a bit.

...conditions may lead to cartilage piercing infections causing the development of abscess containing puss. Moreover this may be coupled with the development of scars and the formation of bumps in the ear and the nose. So it’s imperative to have the right cartilage piercing information and the knowledge of its procedures as to be away from such problems of pain and suffering.

Scientifically cartilage piercing infection has been found to be primarily caused by the pathogen named Staphylococcus aureus but it may also be caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa which if left untreated has the ability to cause a permanent ear deformation, a condition also known as auricular chronditis. There are a number of other factors of infected cartilage piercings:

  • disinfectants contaminated with such species of bacteria as well as benzalkonium chloride used as antiseptic in hospitals are also the sources of infection.
  • The improper use of piercing guns, needle, jewelery or other methods of piercing using metals may also amount to infections.
  • Improper techniques of incision, splinting and drainage are the primary causes of cartilage infection and swelling.
Also I suggest checking out more posts here on BMod: (Use the search feature):
First and foremost carefully read this one by Adam (Site owner/operator), it is very important and covers important subjects you need to know. This is one of the most important things written on this site. Please read and think about it.

MRSA is NOT sexy! (aka: Stop It!)

After that, read it again and really look at the pictures and let it sink in. Then you can go about searching articles to find out how to become a proper piercer. Good luck. Here are a few to get you started.

 Working in a piercing studio

Finding a shop.

infected tattoos and piercings

Note on Infected Piercings

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