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Quote Trimen Replybullet Topic: New tattoo idea
    Posted: September/21/2012 at 9:11pm
ok so I am 36, I have no piercings or tats.
Never wanted piercings, however never ruled out at least 1 tat. I could never decide on one. Now I think I have 2 concepts but having trouble fleshing them out... no pun intended.
I am a 3rd gen American of Mexican ancestry. I wanted something that honored my ancestry but also said I am 100% American. So I had two concepts that have kept swirling in my mind for the last few years.
Concept 1. Triangular View from space. [tattoo Location uncertain]
My ex has what looks like Nautical Star cut outs on her calves that look like a window to the universe. of all her work those were my favorite. What I was envision was a upsidedown triangle window with the United states taking up the top porition with Mexico extending down to the point. Canada, Alaska would fall outside the top portion.
The original idea was a map cut-out with a Eagle above the tat, I discarded that Idea because it was too reminiscant of the Marine Corps logo. My Dad is retired from the Corps and my half brother is still serving. They earned the right to don that imagery so I needed to rethink my idea.
Concept 2. American Aztec [tattoo location back over right ribcage]
Do not laugh. I had this idea pop into my mind recently which is why I registered on this site and I need mucho help. There should be no referance to the Mexican flag. I am of that people not of that corrupt government.
The basic ideas is a image of a Aztec Warrior with American flag. Sounds simple but it's not.
Body language is important as is the position of flag.
Originally I envisioned the warrior giving somesort of reverance to the Flag. The more I thought about it, the more it looked like the warrior was conqured.
Next I envisioned the warrior holding the flag above his head. I was almost sure of getting this version but decided to hold off. I am glad I did as I realized the the image could be interpreted as conquering America.
My last iteraion was a large waving flag in the background behind the warrior with the warrior taking a superman crossed arms pose with a happy smirk.
I am holding off on this for now until I see what it will look like.
I want it to look definately Aztec maybe with a slight modern twist. Again only red, white, and blue. My backside is stamped, "Made in America"
Edit: I think I found the perfect base aztec image.
The US Flag could take the place of the clouds and ship. I was thinking the feathers could be blue and red, the Eagle head will remain white. This shield could have the referrence to the Motto of the US. "e pluribus unum". out of many one.

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