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    Posted: February/01/2013 at 12:21am
First I wanna apologize, I think I put this in the wrong place - I put it in the Q&A BMod pro - sorry about that, I'm still trying to get the hang of this...anyways...

Hey guys, thanks for the help ahead of time. There is probably going to be some really amateur questions, but either way Its stuff I don't know, and I'm not comfortable doing it without knowing - hope you guys can help!

1. Is it something I'm going to have to change the jewelry often? Between urinating, semen and other fun liquids from sex - I can't imagine it stays clean to long. If so how often does it need to be changed?

2. The pain - I'm not so much concerned about the initial pain, but my real question is should I take a day or two off from work? I have to wear dress pants/khakis, I can't imagine it rubbing would feel to good?

3. Passing liquid - semen, urine etc. Will that be a problem? Like, does it clog up the urethra? I just can't wrap my mind around ejaculating, and not having some get stuck or sticking to it.

4. I've read a lot online about urinating, and people have made it seem impossible to pee standing up. Is this true? People have made it seem they go to pee, and it just squirts everywhere - is it really that bad?

5. I'm not really to big on stretching - its just not my thing. My question is, do I HAVE to stretch it? I understand it can't be to thin, that's common sense, but I am REALLY uncomfortable with the idea of a huge bar running through there. I just don't really want that. Would I be fine with just a 10g or 8g?

6. Length - does it effect penetration? I'm straight, so I'm talking vaginal penetration...it seems with huge balls, or to long a bar penetration or oral would be impossible?

Sorry for what probably seem like extremely obvious questions, but these are what go through my mind and I'm not comfortable doing it until I know exactly what I'm getting into. I've literally been considering it for almost a year, doing tons of research but I can never really find the answers to my questions. Thanks in advance for the help, cause these are really the questions that are gonna be the deal breakers! Thanks everyone.
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