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Quote Adam Replybullet Topic: Idea for a Tattoo School
    Posted: September/07/2013 at 5:46am
I have an idea (I'm not saying I'm going to act on it), but what if there was a more legit "Tattoo School" type system out there to help people get there foot int the door to learn to tattoo. Now before you get all, "Holy shit! Did he just say that?". Here's my idea....

Let's say some 18-20 year old wants to become a tattoo artist for whatever reason. Here's how I see my "school" process:

1. The person has to apply to the "school". Formal application, written essays, interviews, etc. Just like college or a trade school (because it is).
2. Once a person has been accepted, they must move to where my shop (the school) is and cover a tuition of whatever ($500/mo or so). This shows that the person is being fully committed to their decision.
3. School last for 1 year (12 months).
4. They will start in the shop learning all of the basics from various instructors. Keep in mind, they will not learn how to tattoo yet. Just how to work in a shop, history of tattooing (kind of like art appreciation), business classes, sterilization, management, marketing, etc.
5. Exams happen every 3 months to prove proficiency. They fail, they have to start over.
6. Once a student passes all classes, they will then be placed into a tattoo shop somewhere as an apprentice under a professional tattoo artist. From there, that artist that has agreed to take on the apprentice will actually teach them the skills needed to tattoo as they earn the respect from the artist and the shop.

The basis of this is more to prep apprentices so that when the school calls up a shop and is like, "hey, we're looking to place an apprentice that just passed our class" the shop / artist will know that whomever it is, they're definitely committed, they have already been shown the basics of how to work in a shop, and that they have been mentally prepared to do what it takes for an apprenticeship, that they're not just some kid off the street that says "fuck it" 5 months in because they haven't tattooed anyone yet.

The idea is to show that becoming a tattoo artist is a legit career option and really boost the quality of the next gen tattoo artists while still following and even keeping alive the old school more traditional methods of passing the torch.

Living in Puerto Rico and running a shop down there, and running a site like this, I see more and more every day people just buying crappy shit on ebay and tattooing their buddies; scratchers running around proclaiming that they're a tattoo artist. It's ruining the reputation of industry again and making the term "tattoo artist" synonymous with "i sling hella sick tats with my gun on my bros".

In a way I feel that I came up in the industry on the old school rules, and I fully appreciate them. They exist for a reason (another rant for another time), and I really want the next gen tattoo artists to understand, appreciate, and follow them as well. The problem is that all of this is being lost with 2-week learn to tattoo schools, ebay kits, 2 month "apprenticeships", and other bullshit.

I would love to someday hear, "oh shit... you trained there? They're brutal! If you can make it out of there with a recommendation, I know you'll kick ass here. I'll bring you under my wing."

That would be awesome. A modern educational twist to instill old-school traditions of the tattoo industry in the next generation of tattoo artists. Make the tradition, the respected way again while creating better, well rounded artists and shop owners.

So now what do you think of my Tattoo School idea? Seriously, I want to know your thoughts on it.

.: Adam
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Quote Keiran1980 Replybullet Posted: September/07/2013 at 7:42pm
If it is done right with enough planning and a good deal of emphasis being placed on hygiene, safety and technique then I am in favour of this idea.
A genuine project to train skilled tattooists seems pretty good to me.
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Quote MontanaPiercer Replybullet Posted: September/08/2013 at 1:23pm
This sounds like it would be the best attempt to date, to create something legitimate
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Quote sh4ky Replybullet Posted: September/09/2013 at 9:12am
Hell, it's just like a trade school for tattooing. No different than ones in existence for sparkies, builders other trades etc. they learn all the fundamentals of the industry first before being allowed near real life situations via an apprenticeship with a willing company already in the business. It is a great idea to actually put some weight into the industry as a serious concern and not one just full of half baked scratchers as you started Adam. I think it has a lot of merit and could only be of benefit to the industry. Get on it!
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Quote SaintGabu Replybullet Posted: October/04/2013 at 11:35am
there's already a learning studio similar to the here in são paulo, it's called Lado B, people who take classes there are pretty soguht after by reputable tattoo studios
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