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Quote lauren1995 Replybullet Topic: question about navel ring
    Posted: October/16/2013 at 9:31pm
i got my bottom part of my belly button pierced about 6-8 weeks ago and i changed it last week and ive been noticing that the bottom part is irritated and theres some white crusty stuff around it when i wake up in the morning and something flaky or something inside it i couldnt really get a picture of. it doesnt hurt or anything when i touch it but it just looks weird and like the skin around it is dry and kind of hard feeling. im not sure if its infected or not ive been using H2O spray and occasionally bactiane with a q tip. the top part of it has been looking a little crusty on the ball i couldnt really get a good picture of it, but help please!
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Quote Teeheemiller Replybullet Posted: October/18/2013 at 1:56pm
First thing first, you change your jewelry too fast, 6-8 weeks isn't long enough time to change a new navel piercing out (approximately 3 months if not longer if you still form crusties around your piercing site)

Secondly, stop using Bactine and any kind of soap to clean your piercing. Even Bactine website states that do not use Bactine for piercings. H2O isn't an optimal option either. Sterile Saline Wound Wash (Contains only 0.9% sodium chloride <--Read the label) is in fact sterile, isotonic and pH balanced. Use as instruction on their label.

Last but not least, get a good quality jewelry in there: implant grade, internally threaded, mirror finish and they normally come with a lifetime guaranty. The jewelry you currently have is considered costume jewelry. It is what we piercers normally called "mystery metal". These types of jewelries release toxic chemical into your body. Plus, they always have a lot of nicks, scratches on the wearable area that could endanger the delicate healing tissue of a fresh piercing (yes, 6-8 weeks is still fresh for navel piercing) If you have a jewelry that has a porous or uneven surface, the new cells that form during healing grow into the irregularities. Then when the jewelry shifts or moves (which would happen a lot with such dangly piece) these areas tear. As this cycle repeated, scar tissue forms and healing is delayed (the hard feeling could be from the scar)

To sum up, go to a reputable shop that carries high quality jewelry and change your current jewelry out. Keep it clean, keep it dry, keep it still, and leave it in there for 3-6 months without changing into any more costume jewelries.

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