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Quote Blondiehasfun Replybullet Topic: Searching for help with naval piercing after tummy tuck
    Posted: April/26/2014 at 7:18pm
I am in Southern California... Had a tummy tuck 9 months ago. Dr decided to redo my belly button while I was under. I had a great belly button previously, but it was slightly off center and drove the doctor crazy. It didn't bother me although my crooked belly button ring was slightly comical, I loved it. I had it for almost 25 years with no problems as long as I didn't wear cheap jewelry In it. It was extremely deep though. Was done back in the day with a leather needle and then hoop pushed through. I took my daughter in to have hers done and told the piercer I was getting a tummy tuck and she warned me that scar tissue can make redoing a belly piercing nearly impossible. Then she looked at mine and was amazed how deep it was. Well that was 11 months ago. My belly button has healed but definitely has scaring. I went today to have it pierced and the young piercer said she wouldn't do it. Didn't think anybody would. Said not much underhang and not very deep and too much scar tissue. It seems like I have more depth than my daughter who is a skinny thing and hers pierced fine but that was with another piercer who left the company in January, I am searching for a piercer here who specializes I this type of thing. Any suggestions?
I hate the thicker red around the outer edges. That's where it's firm. The top and bottom are much softer. I was hoping to have a specific belly jewelry I've seen where it has a circular stoned ring that attaches at the top and would hopefully help cover the scar. Now being told no way totally was upsetting. I don't dare have it repaired by my doctor since my body seriously rejected the incisions on my lower abdominal area... Kept opening up along suture line in one area. Totally bizarre situation the doctor said. I normally do not scar at all, so it was very strange. I loved my belly ring and have worked hard to be able to show it off. Now I have this scar and no jewelry.

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Quote SaintGabu Replybullet Posted: April/28/2014 at 8:51pm
seems pierceable, but then again, i'm looking at a picture of only your belly button on a website, so i might as well just be guessing
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Quote evalution Replybullet Posted: April/28/2014 at 9:57pm
Do some research, and find several well-qualified, experienced piercers. Go to the studios and see, in person, what they think.
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Quote Teeheemiller Replybullet Posted: April/29/2014 at 5:30pm
The general consensus among piercers about navel piercing after tummy tuck is you have to wait at least 2 years or longer. Being there are a lot of scar tissues and isn't enough blood circulation, the chance of rejection is fairly high. Wait for another 12 months or longer, then have an in person consultation with a reputable piercer to explore some options.

Here are a few shops near your area that carry good jewelries and have piercers that might be able to give you some advice:

Desi Arellano at Artifact tattoo & piercing studio in Santa Clarita.

Roger Rodriguez at Ancient Adornments Body Piercing & Instructional Studio located in West Hollywood also on Santa Monica Blvd/La Cienega.

Matthew Blake at Prix Body Piercing and Tattoo in West Hollywood.

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