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Quote The_Bringer Replybullet Topic: "The Tie Off Method"
    Posted: November/22/2005 at 11:58pm
 I've been kicking around the idea of splitting my tongue for a while. Not many guys around here are really experienced with it or comfortable doing it, and I can't honestly blame them. The only guy I found that would do it is my old trainer and now he's behind bars, lol.

 So I take it we've all heard of the tie off method of taking an existing tongue piercing and splitting it from there. That I understand, what I don't is this: How do you accomplish this? I need a details description of what you need to do, the risks involved, how long the healing takes, etc....

 I've not yet committed to this but I'm definately considering it. I also heard it hurts worse than getting your balls stepped on by Andre the Giant.....any validity to this?
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Quote MontanaPiercer Replybullet Posted: November/23/2005 at 12:13am

Tie of method is accomplished by tying fishing line (or other polymer line....no string) tightly through your tongue piercing to the tip of the tongue. Each day, the line is cut away, and a new line is tied in tighter. The process usually takes a couple of weeks. During this time, pain is fairly agonizing, and swelling can be severe, affecting speech severely and there is a lot of difficulty eating. Many people give up and finish the procedure with a cut anyway. Only serious risk is infection, but no more than any tongue piercing. Sea salt soaks and PLENTY of ibuprofen.

I personally wouldn't do it this way (and I didn't), just doesn't sound like a good time, but it does work.

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