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temple piercing

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Topic: temple piercing
Posted By: DravenStar
Subject: temple piercing
Date Posted: July/21/2004 at 8:47pm
I was looking around for piercing ideas and kind of fell in love with the anti-eyebrow, but I don't want it so close to my eye, more like to the side...I've seen one pic of a temple piercing and it was sweet. So that's what I want, only  lower like the side of the top of my cheek bone...any ideas what this would cost...or if it would be able to heal right?

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Posted By: not-unique
Date Posted: August/14/2004 at 3:29pm
its a surface piercing so it would be about $90+ in canadian dollars.


Posted By: Lonermon
Date Posted: August/14/2004 at 11:48pm

i payed about half that to have mine done with titanium surface bar .My peircer only charges a slight mark up from retail on the jewelry . you should come down to ft lauderdale

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