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Lower Back Piercing

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Topic: Lower Back Piercing
Posted By: ZoTz
Subject: Lower Back Piercing
Date Posted: December/01/2004 at 1:19am
Hi , I just wanted to ask a quick question about that piercing...My girlfriend got that piercing like 3 weeks ago and it looks like it migrating cuz' after the swelling left We could see more of the barbell exposed. Am I right or wrong? Should she take it off and re do it so scaring would be minimal? Thanx in advance.

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Posted By: MontanaPiercer
Date Posted: December/01/2004 at 9:06am
Yep, if you can see more of the jewelry, then it is definitely migrating.  The sooner you remove it, the less scarring there will be.  You didn't say what type of jewelry was used in the piercing. Surface bars are the only thing that have a decent chance of working for that piercing. Next time you post a question such as this, a photo would be very helpful.

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