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Punch or Pierce

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Topic: Punch or Pierce
Posted By: Zombiextinct
Subject: Punch or Pierce
Date Posted: May/27/2010 at 10:07pm
As my first piercing I plan on getting my lobes pierced to a 10g. I plan on stretching them in the future. Would it be better for me to get them pierced with a piercing needle or to get them punched with a dermal punch? Which will work better in the long run when I begin to stretch. Or do they heal the same?

Posted By: kcir
Date Posted: May/28/2010 at 3:53am
at a 10?  pierce them.


Posted By: Carrie_p2005
Date Posted: May/28/2010 at 10:31am
I would never recommend punching lobes, especially if the person planned to stretch later.  The tissue is so soft and pliable, a punch is not necessary.  You can pierce up to 6g (although not all piercers are comfortable starting that large), and a scalpel could create an even larger hole.  If you use a punch on the lobes, you will end up completely removing tissue that you will need later when you stretch.  Mind you, 10g is small and not a lot of tissue would be removed, but it's still overkill.

Posted By: mspiggy
Date Posted: May/28/2010 at 11:21am
I agree with Carrie that to not punch earlobes while you can stretch it almost painlessly.


Keep it dry, keep it still, keep it clean

Posted By: Zombiextinct
Date Posted: May/28/2010 at 4:03pm
Thankyou. For stretching purposes is Vitamin e oil the best to apply in order to soften scare tissue?

Posted By: kcir
Date Posted: May/29/2010 at 4:51pm
there are quite a few oils that work equally efficiently.  just make sure your piercings are healed before attempting any regimen involving oil. 


Posted By: TattooBox
Date Posted: May/29/2010 at 5:18pm
I will somewhat disagree with what you say.
About stretching, my own self-experiences of punch and stretch, wherever it was (lip, nostrils, earlobes) were always really very good.
With dermal punches, healing is faster than with any other process. Plus another advantage is that the hole created by the punch is round, and therefore the pressure put by stretching jewerly will be equal everywhere. Therefore, stretching is easy, fast and comfortable.
For instance, I went from zero to 24 mm in nostrils in 5 months. Same in upper holes in earlobes.
Eventually, on the long run holes created by dermal punch never give discomfort, never gave me a blow out (again the advantage of having perfectly round initial holes)... so no. Even for ears, dermal punch works fucking good.
So when people ask me to stretch their ears, I always propose them DP, explaining them all pluses and minuses of both methods; and until now, all people who have started stretching with DP have been very surprised by how well it works.
Unfortunately, in the profession everybody believes that the skin you remove from lobes will be a limitation for going bigger. Which is just false.
Only disadvantage of DP is that it'll leave a hole; but for people who know what they want, it's no big deal.
Last but not least, almost any piercer I've been talking to has the same opinion about DP. Just good for cartilage (and sometimes microdermals), but useless for the rest. But actually, those who say it's not a worthy method haven't tried on themselves (or have significant feedback on clientele). But those who have tested all say it's simply better.
Last detail, scalpelling works also good, but I believe that the fact it all starts with a flat shaped hole necessarily creates two points where the stretching will have a tendancy to cut when going to bigger size, which won't be the case with DP.

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