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help for the dreaded nose bump!

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Topic: help for the dreaded nose bump!
Posted By: ohdeir
Subject: help for the dreaded nose bump!
Date Posted: August/12/2012 at 12:52pm
I'm hoping someone will be able to help me...

I got my right nostril pierced in June 2012 (it's my first body piercing, the only other piercings I have are in my earlobes), and it was going just fine until about a month ago, when I bought a CBR and decided to try it on briefly. Clearly this was a big mistake--after I took it out and put my screw back in, I developed a small blood blister/boil next to the piercing. I cleaned it with salt water and the blood went away, but the bump has now developed into a small, slightly red bump next to my piercing. I thought I might've been over-cleaning it, so I only did sea salt rinses every other day. The bump is still there.

I went to the dermatologist a few days ago and asked him what was up. He prescribed 2.5% hydrocortisone cream and bacitracin (an antibiotic cream) to apply a few times a day. I'm also doing long sea salt soaks (like 10 to 15 mins) twice a day. The swelling seems to have gone down, but my dermatologist said if it doesn't go away I'll have to take out the jewelry and let the piercing close up! I obviously don't want to to do that, especially when I'm headed to school soon and won't be able to see the piercer who performed the job. Honestly, he just seemed mad I pierced it in the first place, there has to be a way to get rid of this thing without getting rid of my piercing entirely, right?

So, is the sea salt/cortisone routine good? I've heard tea tree oil can work, but I'm unsure of where to get it. I figured professional advice would be the best to get in this situation.

Thanks so much to anyone who can help!


PS - this is the best photo I could get. The bump is reddish-pink, and directly below the piercing. I'm guessing there's pus/blood in it?

Posted By: ThoughtPr0n
Date Posted: September/06/2012 at 9:44pm
The jewelry is often a cause of such bumps, and replacing it with a new piece can help. See a piercer to make sure the angle is correct and the materials used is ASTM F-138 compliant. I have seen great success changing improper jewelry out and putting in a piece that fits better. Hope it helps and is not too late!!!

Posted By: LauraOhFace
Date Posted: September/07/2012 at 8:35pm
Whilst I am NOT a professional, I hope I can offer some sound advice.

To me, the bump the you're experiencing looks like hypertrophic scarring. It will go away but you will have to be patient with it. They can occur due to many different things, jewelry style and material, aftercare technique, or just irritated from being bumped a lot.

What material is your jewellery? Lesser grade metals can cause reactions.

It's important to keep your cleaning regiment simple and consistent.

Your sea salt soaks should be 1/4 teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt in 8 oz (1 cup) of very warm water. Soak for three to five minutes at a time then rinse with water afterward. You should clean your piercings two to three times a day this way. Over cleaning can cause irritation; 10-15 minute soaks are too long

If it IS hypertrophic scarring,  you may want to do a chamomile tea bag compress; steep a bag of chamomile and hold it over the piercing for five minutes on, fives minutes off, then re-heat for five minutes on again. Once a day a long with the sea salt soaks should be great.

It is important that you do not play with it or touch it. Never physically remove crusties. Use a q-tip after your soak. No makeup or facewash on the piercing either.

Keep in mind, I am NO professional, so await a more experienced user if you are unsure. I cannot tell you what the creams are doing to your piercing as I am unsure of their effects. A more experienced member can answer that question for you hopefully.

Good luck!

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