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UK Says No Buddha Tattoos in Sri Lanka

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Topic: UK Says No Buddha Tattoos in Sri Lanka
Posted By: News
Subject: UK Says No Buddha Tattoos in Sri Lanka
Date Posted: April/09/2013 at 1:53pm

If you are planning to travel to Sri Lanka you might want to cover up your Buddha tattoos! This is what Britain is advising it's travelers to do because last month a Britain national was refused entry to Sri Lanka due to the large tattoo of Buddha that was visible on his arm:

"Donít pose for photographs by standing in front of a statue of Buddha. The mistreatment of Buddhist images and artefacts is a serious offence and tourists have been convicted for this. In March 2013, a British national was refused entry to Sri Lanka because he had a large visible tattoo of Buddha on his arm."

In cases like these, the tolerance and understanding goes both ways. Being mindful of the cultures and people you will be around when you travel and showing respect is just as important as understanding the travelers that you allow to tour your country. Do you think the man should have been refused entry to Sri Lanka for his large visible Buddha tattoo?


Posted By: pierced_celt
Date Posted: April/09/2013 at 9:19pm
FUCKIN disgraceful. These religious zelots need wiping out.

Posted By: Zombaybay
Date Posted: April/09/2013 at 10:04pm
I can understand why he wasn't allowed... However, they could have perhaps offered education instead.

I bitch slapped the Empire!

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