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Genital rib idea

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Topic: Genital rib idea
Posted By: twitchery
Subject: Genital rib idea
Date Posted: January/28/2021 at 11:25pm
(Sorry, can a mod delete this one.  I was getting an error, and I didn't think the post went through.)

I'm interested in genital ribs. Ideally, what I would want is a ring that wraps around the full circumference of the penis, and is placed around the midsection of the shaft.  I don't think that's really possible, so I've been trying to think of a way that something similar can be done.  I have come across some pictures where a few people have done something like this.  I'm not really clear on all the details of how these implants work, so I'm hoping anyone with some experience can give some input.

One way I was thinking, is to use a silicone rod that's been tapered at the edges.  If it's wrapped around the full circumference while flaccid, while erect it'll cover about 2/3 of the circumference.  I could have the gap at the bottom, and possibly put another small implant in the middle of the gap.  Another way would be the use two separate pieces.  Maybe one on the top, and the other underneath.  One thing that I'm not sure about is when these implants are being installed, weather they have to go straight across, or if they can do it in a way where they can wrap it around corners.

Another thing that I haven't been to find much info on how implants with anchors work.  I have seen some experimental genital implants with anchors by I think Steve Haworth.  I'm wondering if these can be done in a way that they can stay in a certain position on the shaft, or if they always have to move freely with the skin.  I have a lot of skin movement, and I'd prefer if it didn't side up and down most of the length of the penis.  If I could have it done in a way where moves maybe an inch or two up or down, that would be ideal.

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