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Been Suspended?

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Topic: Been Suspended?
Posted By: Adam
Subject: Been Suspended?
Date Posted: April/02/2003 at 7:46am

Has anyone here ever been suspended? If so, what position and what was it like?

.: Adam

Posted By: Mole
Date Posted: April/08/2003 at 5:15pm

Haven't tried it yet, but im looking into it for this summer =P I've been meditating alot more and trying to prep myself for the experience. Looking at the "suicide" position, but i heard others were better for beginners. If anyone else has tried it id love to hear your experience =) I live in Nova Scotia Canada, so im going to have to go out of the province to do it. If anyone knows of a experienced, clean team with a good reputation, it appricate it alot if you could throw a suggestion my way!


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Posted By: Girl Scout
Date Posted: April/09/2003 at 9:54am
Suspentions have always caught my eye. Lately I've been thinking more and more of suspending myself. I've heard nothing but great expierences and enlightenment from it.  I suppose one day I'll catch up with some people who're doing it and I'll be able to get a chance to try. I figure when I do I'll go for the suicide suspention, it seems most common. For something new I usually like to take the route most travled.

Posted By: Durak
Date Posted: April/22/2003 at 2:26am
Suicide Suspensions Look insane... I want to see a Group of People to that "Wings of Despair" Move...

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Posted By: turandot
Date Posted: June/01/2003 at 12:38pm

I got suspended for the first time a little over a week ago, at Lukas Zpira's party in Brooklyn.

The story is covered on the main page of, but as the author mentioned, he missed the first two suspensions [I was the very first].

Suicide suspension. What was it like? How do I answer that? It would take me an eternity to explain.

*Oh, and how do I update my profile? I just joined today...

Posted By: Adam
Date Posted: June/01/2003 at 2:32pm

I'm sorry that I missed you. When I heard that they had already put people up, I was so pissed.

Anyways, welcome to the site and here's a couple ways to update your profile:

-You can click on the profile button at the top of the forum. That will take you directly to the Editing part

-You can click on the little profile button that's in your forum statement. It's the first button on the bottom. This will make your profile popup, then scroll down, and there's an edit button. In here though (before you click the edit button), you can add journal entries also.

-Another way is to go to the Profiles section from using the menu above under Community, and then sort them by Username and pick yours. Then just repeat the steps from above.

Hope this helps you out!

.: Adam

Posted By: nival
Date Posted: June/03/2003 at 2:34pm

will be going to a suspension party this summer in LA, and if i can get over the fear, ill try to suspend myself as well. really looking forward to it!

omg, lukas is my idol btw ;p

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Posted By: Marsdweller
Date Posted: June/16/2003 at 2:35pm

I definitly have every intention of suspending myself one day. I just have that fear of being unprepared. No matter how much i read or see pictures of, i don't think i will ever be ready. I'm pretty tolerant with pain...but that's my opinion..maybe i'm not?!

as everyone else said...anyone with hints or tips...please do tell

it's my first post..yay :)

Courtney, R.N.

Posted By: Hera
Date Posted: August/12/2003 at 11:41am
By now I've not been suspended yet but i hope i'll get a suspension one day...

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Posted By: prcdfrogg
Date Posted: September/03/2003 at 3:38pm
my fiance and my self are going to be suspened for the first time the night befor our wedding next may she ig going to do a coma me im not sure what im going to do yet

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Posted By: xPUREx
Date Posted: October/25/2003 at 10:11pm
anybody in the NYC area interested in modification work can contact me at Sacred Body Arts, 212 226 4286.  i have several years of experience, as well as working at the most recent modcon event organized by shawn porter.   i have also been a member of the RITES OF PASSAGE suspension group for several years.... anybody looking to suspend can contact me at that same number or by my cell at 860 922 0872.

Posted By: transcendental
Date Posted: October/26/2003 at 11:14pm
representing Rites Of Passage as can also reach me at 718-755-7524.  But i didnt work at modcon...hahaha.  Love ya brian!

------------- - Rites Of Passage Suspension

Posted By: zetetic
Date Posted: January/09/2004 at 9:02am

i havent been suspended but i have done a few times what on BME they call 'pulling'... hooks in my back connected to bunjee cord connected to hooks on another guys back, very much fun... have done it a couple of times practice and have performed at a few parties including a sony corporate xmas party (that was interesting)...


i like the pulling a lot and suspension is definately a goal in my life ;)

Posted By: chaibone
Date Posted: January/09/2004 at 3:57pm
I have never tried it but it definateley looks interesting,  and is something i would try at least once,  


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