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Movie Updates!

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Topic: Movie Updates!
Posted By: Adam
Subject: Movie Updates!
Date Posted: March/10/2004 at 4:43am

I've got the Movie part added into your profiles now!

At the bottom on the left-hand side you'll see movies that you have checked as owning. You can then click on the [show all] to view the entire list. If you want to add a movie to the DB here, it's simple. Just go to the movies section under Community and click on Submit A Movie on the top left...just like a mod. Fill out the info, and upload a pic if you have one.

If you want to check off a movie that's in the BMod DB as one that you own, then you can just go to the movie that you have, and on the left side you'll see a button saying Yes, I Own It!. Click that, and you'll see the red X icon change to a green check. It's now in the DB as you owning it. Also, your profile will be updated with the info too =)

Have phun!

.: Adam

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