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what to do

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Topic: what to do
Posted By: Kroneque
Subject: what to do
Date Posted: April/24/2003 at 6:45pm
I have a real itchen for a tattoo, but i cant get one, the only thing i can do is get a star i have been wanten on my right hand . but i have to wait. so i waant a piercing. any idea's???? it cant be facial though. any idea.....

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Posted By: Adam
Date Posted: April/24/2003 at 6:53pm

Do a set of surface piercings that follow your ribcage...that'd be pretty sweet (and painful..but hey)

.: Adam

Posted By: Kroneque
Date Posted: April/24/2003 at 10:18pm
down the center? but that dose sounds cool..

Wanting To Be Someone Else, Is Just A Waste Of Who You Are.

Posted By: Adam
Date Posted: April/25/2003 at 1:23pm

Whatever seems the best for you i guess. I was thinking like a V; starting from the outside on the upper chest and follow down inward.

.: Adam

Posted By: Mole
Date Posted: April/25/2003 at 10:53pm
Hey, if you live anywhers around a big city you syhould get your nape done! thats a really nice looking piercing, and if you have long hair its totally un-noticeable :)

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Posted By: ChaoticVirus
Date Posted: July/01/2003 at 3:43pm
napes a good idea, or how about a PA?


Posted By: bri_jenk
Date Posted: September/07/2003 at 2:13pm

the 2 guys above are talking pure sense!

nape piercings are kewl

and don't have anesthetic! it'll cut the healing time loads

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Posted By: prcdfrogg
Date Posted: September/08/2003 at 9:40pm
napes are very cool but if you need one that cant been seen i woulg go with genital work

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Posted By: ayishik_aysel
Date Posted: June/24/2004 at 2:12am
Nipples are always a good choice. Being a girl myself I prefer navel piercings on a guy. More to play with. Then again the PA sounds good.

Posted By: queenogoths
Date Posted: June/24/2004 at 8:54am could get a septum piercing...they are totally hideable.

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Posted By: Crimsnbutterfly
Date Posted: June/24/2004 at 6:34pm
Originally posted by queenogoths could get a septum piercing...they are totally hideable.

could you flip it up right after it's done?

It's not stupid, it's advanced

Posted By: modvayne
Date Posted: June/24/2004 at 8:44pm
I flipped mine up soon after getting it done. I'm at 6g right now, and I can flip the pincher up still. The 4g I won't be able to flip up though. And as painful as it was going to the 6g, I'm in no rush to put the 4g in, but it'll be in in a day or two.

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