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Philadelphia, PA : US
I am a veritable cornucopia of awesome. I make legendary omelets.

Bismarck, ND : US
I've been told Im loud, obnoxious, and quite vulgar at time, I beg to diffe...

Jackson/Breathitt County, KY : US

Padunskiy : RS
Greetings! The names not important, nor is the time... Today I reached into...

about me...hmmmmmmm. *thinking*

Hancock, MI : US
hi i'm ben. i like getting pictures on my body. kthxbai

Houston, TX : US
Raised by aligators in the foul depths of the Louisiana swamps... they taug...

Merritt Is, FL : US
I am looking for some fresh tattoo talents to work at the shop in Florida! ...

Well Basically, im from sunny old england. its pretty crap here, at the mom...

New York, NY : US
I am 1 of 3 that is Tribulation tattoo in NYC. Liorcifer, Tim Kern and I...

Methuen, MA : US http://deathsadancer.tumblr....
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