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juncos : PR
hi my name is luis my friends call me hersheys I'm tattoo apprentice in all...

Glendale, AZ : US
-Potty mouth -Obsessed with serial killers & shitty horror flicks -I li...

Charlotte, NC : US
I'm Jaykob. I don't like to admit it, but I have become famous off MySpace...

Jackson/Breathitt County, KY : US

North Highlands, CA : US
Professionally Piercing for 3 years. I am currently Piercing at California ...

Accrington : UK
Im Chris, or Bamber. 23 from the glorious town of Accrington! Work in Chor...

Udine : IT

calliope/gladstone : AU
my names jake pattison,, im goth and live in gladstone and calliope,, im w...

Georgetown, KY : US
we're a tattoo and piercing shop located 3 blocks off of interstate 75 in G...

Hey I'm Bridget 19, Mods : Old septum piercing (closed) Monroe (cl...

Be Who You Are, Say What You Feel, Cause Those Who Mind Dont Matter And Tho...

Denver, CO : US
Hi! My name is Cale. I'm very friendly so please say hello! I live in ...
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