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New York City, NY : US
Here's a quick synopsis as to how I got here... Born in Columbus OH, t...

Worcester, MA : US
I love my body, and you should too. Right now I have 8 piercings, and I've ...

Mendoza : AR
***Out of my motherfucking mind*** Hi! i'm 20 i'm from Argentina... ...

Welcome to my profile! feel free to say hello. I live in England, outside l...

Denver, CO : US
Hi! My name is Cale. I'm very friendly so please say hello! I live in ...

Lafayette, IN : US
Well I guess after almost a year and a half of membership it's about time t...

Marlboro, MA : US
Loner by nature. You'll find me playing vidogames, riding my bicycle o...

Saundersville, MA : US
histology tech, metalhead, and obviously fan of body mods. i have about 60 ...

Methuen, MA : US http://deathsadancer.tumblr....


Avon, IN : US
My name is Alan, I like body modifications, computers, and old video games....

Missoula, MT : US
My name is Josh. I'm 24 years old and I live in beautiful Missoula, MT...
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