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juncos : PR
hi my name is luis my friends call me hersheys I'm tattoo apprentice in all...

manch, NH : US
I'm Aliki* "I am in the zone, the perfect balance between manic & d...

Accrington : UK
Im Chris, or Bamber. 23 from the glorious town of Accrington! Work in Chor...

New york, NY : US
Iam a sideshow performer. As far as i know i hold the world record for most...

Burnley : UK
I'm Beki, a 22 year old tattoo artist from Burnley, Lancashire, UK. I have ...

Dublin : IE Hi, I'm Emmett...

Fargo, ND : US
The name is Motts but ppl call me the Butcher. I killed it for years now I ...

Washington, WA : US
Fan of piercing ... like you ! I have : -tongue -navel x2 -ears 2x2 ...

Lafayette, IN : US
Well I guess after almost a year and a half of membership it's about time t...

Regina : CA
<font color=#C6DEFF><b>About me, eh? Well, I'm 25, from Ca...

Indianapolis, IN : US
My name is Penny. I go to the Art Institute of Indianapolis for Graphic...

Toronto : CA
Hey! I'm Meghan. I currently have 21 piercings and six tattoos. My pier...
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