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Lafayette, IN : US
Well I guess after almost a year and a half of membership it's about time t...

Limerick : EI
When you are feeling low I will be there to feel you up.

Methuen, MA : US http://deathsadancer.tumblr....

vancleave, MS : US
Hello I am the dreamshaman

: GM
Hey, I am Christina from Germany. Just have 10 Tattoos till now and one Pi...

Tampa, FL : US
Whats up? I'm Chr!s. I'm 20. I'm a lover noit a fighter, Doesnt mean i c...

Missoula, MT : US
Hey there!My name is Malissa.I am 32,and live in Hellgate Canyon in Missoul...

Brighton. England. : UK
What do I say here? I am Malcolm aged 56 years and gay without a partner (b...

Fort White, FL : US
well,im really into body mods, even though i dont really have a...

Austin, TX : US

Kalamazoo, MI : US

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