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Worcester, MA : US
I love my body, and you should too. Right now I have 8 piercings, and I've ...

Liverpool/Southport : UK
always happy to chat/give advice to other folk.

Hey I'm Bridget 19, Mods : Old septum piercing (closed) Monroe (cl...

Boca Raton, FL : US
hello im kyle and i love to fish and play video games and hang out with peo...

Merritt Is, FL : US
I am looking for some fresh tattoo talents to work at the shop in Florida! ...

Hi my name is Paul and i am from the u.k (Newcastle)i am a very chatable pe...

Wilmingotn, IL : US
If u wanna no jst ask. Other than that. IDK. Just here ta chat, meet peop...

: EI
The name is Tom. 25, lives in Dublin, Ireland. Artist, photographer, adrena...

Bundaberg : AU
Every man is the builder of a temple, Called his body, Searching a style ...

Antwerp : BE
So uhm... My name's Sergej (i know it's a weird name but i never ...

kouderkerk aan den rijn : NL

newcastle : AU
I'm pathetic enough to actually tell you stuff about myself on a creepy web...
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