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E Greenville, PA : US
I am interested in everything.

Port Orchard XD, WA : US
"People are stupid; given proper motivation, almost anyone will believe alm...

New York City, NY : US
Here's a quick synopsis as to how I got here... Born in Columbus OH, t...

Sisak : HR
hiii :))my name is sanja, i'm 25 yrs old, from sisak, croatia... i've been ...

Whitman, MA : US
The name's Althea. I am an artist, musician, mother, and have been into bod...

I work, I do overtime, I have started my own part time buisness.......I lov...

Dixon, IL : US
I adore: bright colors, movies, music, hoodies, purses, jewelry, chuck'...

Chesapeake, VA : US
i'm amber. i'm a twenty one year old college student and i have n...

Charlotte, NC : US
I'm Jaykob. I don't like to admit it, but I have become famous off MySpace...

Adelaide : AU
GREETINGS EARTHLINGS I am a classic case of an extraterrestrial biological...

Hey I'm Sophie - or at the moment everyone calls me Sophoe so its up t...

hey im ayla! if you drop by my page dont be a stalker leave a comment and ...
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