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Australian, Photographer, Visual Artist. Modifying myself for the past 12 y...

Norfolk, VA : US

Daytona Beach, FL : US
I live in Daytona Beach, FL I'm a starving graphic designer, body piercer, ...

Bismarck, ND : US
I've been told Im loud, obnoxious, and quite vulgar at time, I beg to diffe...

Tampere : FI
Piercings: Left ear: Lobe 20mm Cartilage 2,4mm 16.01.2004 (Ampumalla.)...

Gold Coast : AU
Grettings !! My name is Anders AKA Anders The Piercing Guy i'm a prof...

Charlotte, NC : US
I'm Jaykob. I don't like to admit it, but I have become famous off MySpace...

E Rochester, NH : US
( hey since your looking at my page say hiii! ) ;p The one in a millio...

Varese : IT
I'm an italian piercer and performer in ORDALIARITUALS suspension group, O...

Turnhout/Antwerp : BE
Anna , 24 , lives in belgium, is german, married to her bodypiercer/bodmoda...

Cleveland, OH : US
My name's Brittany. My life revolves around art. I attend the Clevelan...

Mendoza : AR
***Out of my motherfucking mind*** Hi! i'm 20 i'm from Argentina... ...
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