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New York City, NY : US
Here's a quick synopsis as to how I got here... Born in Columbus OH, t...

Aberdeenshire : UK
heylo dere =D I'm Andrea. I'm 22 years old and I'm a Barista...


Marysville, OH : US
My name is Sara. I'm a fully licensed cosmetologist and work in an ups...

Angola, NY : US
36, female

Nofuckingway, MD : US

Mankato, MN : US
I'm 19 years old and I'm studying Anthropology & Art History. I l...

Eben, NY : US
How do I put myself into words? Well here's my attempt... My mod's are e...

Denver, CO : US
Hi! My name is Cale. I'm very friendly so please say hello! I live in ...

Elkview, WV : US
<center>Jacob. | Nineteen. | Artist.</center> I am unlike anyo...

Syr, NY : US
A singer in a smokey room. Smell of wine and cheap perfume. For a smile t...

San Lorenzo : PR
Have not changed this since I joined, but I can say that I am still and art...
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