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juncos : PR
hi my name is luis my friends call me hersheys I'm tattoo apprentice in all...

New York City, NY : US
Here's a quick synopsis as to how I got here... Born in Columbus OH, t...

Bismarck, ND : US
I've been told Im loud, obnoxious, and quite vulgar at time, I beg to diffe...

Fargo, ND : US
The name is Motts but ppl call me the Butcher. I killed it for years now I ...

Regina : CA
<font color=#C6DEFF><b>About me, eh? Well, I'm 25, from Ca...

Rochester, MN : US
Medical City Syndrome. I am looking for something greater, out of life. I...

Manchester, NH : US
please allow me to introduce myself I'm the one that you talk about Imagi...

Canoga Park, CA : US
My body art history in a nutshell: My name is Lukas Larson, and I...

Olean, NY : US
I am a 22 year old living in Olean, NY. My body mods include bilateral mic...

? ? ? : BE
I started to get piercings in 1994, my first tattoo ist from 2002

Staten Island, NY : US

Shadle Garland, WA : US
im 28 a aspiring tattoo artist/skater im outgoing and outspoken. i'm an ass...
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