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Austin, TX : US

San Antonio, TX : US
I'm married to tattoed chef. I have 12 tattoos and 14 piercings. I'm a Fash...

Anna, TX : US
Current piercings: 00 gauge lobes 14 gauge second lobes 14 gauge conch (ri...

Anthony Green, 25 years old. French modded man.

boston, MA : US
Hi :] my name is Helen I am 20 and I just moved to boston. I am totally ni...

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Tarxien : MT
Facts: Bmod is a place I call home, and you lot are my chosen family. I&#...

Manchester : GB
1)First of all: If you lurk 3654567876 least say HI!, I know Im ...

Heredia : CS
<b>Hails Dears</b> I am Natalia (Naty) also know as NaTyMeTaL. ...

Theodore, AL : US

Atlantic City, NJ : US
4 Tats (if you count my thigh tat as one lol) Got my piercing cherry pop...

Clinton, OH : US
I'll treat you so nicely. You'll never want to leave.

manchester : UK
28, Mother of three. lil bit of a wild side.. love ink and piercings got ...
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