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Moscow : RS
My name is Anastasia. I work in a Moscow studio "tattoo3000". lik...

Somerset, PA : US
Hi, I'm Cate. :) You can add me on facebook if you'd like: http:/...

dewitt, MI : US
my name is megan, im 20 years old. i have 6 tattoos and i have 26 piercings...

i'm twenty-three, canadian, 5'1" tall, blue eyed, natural da...

I am Gianna. So far I have a 10g septum, and my lobes are 5/8s. :) To c...

Ramona, CA : US
my names Dominic male i realy like the body mod life style unforunatley m...

Clovis, CA : US
Body modification (or body alteration) is the deliberate altering of the...

Nelson : NZ
31 piercings and counting :D

andy murphy professional body piercer company name paranapiercing My Por...

Pana IL, IL : US
My name is Kam, i am a body piercer. I have been piercing over 4 years now ...

San Francisco, CA : US
Name's Sonya. Born and raised in the bay area. Loved body modification...
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