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, OH : US
name's ashley. i have my ears stre...

: AQ

: EI
The name is Tom. 25, lives in Dublin, Ireland. Artist, photographer, adrena...

Manchester : UK
This odd, I thought I deleted this account but it's come back! I'm now i...

Rotterdam : NL
Don't IM me on here... I never get IT -_- ... if u wanna talk ask for my...

Dublin : EI
i am the luckiest girl in the world :) i have everything on my ears pi...

Harrogate : UK
There's no show without Punch.

Isle Of Lucifer : UK
Im Laura... *Waves* and Last time I Checked I Was A Bubble. I Have ...

Dublin : EI
Irish/Italian | Free Hand Bodypiercer working for AWOL Tattoo & Piercing in...

wicklow town : EI
regular irish guy i suppose,sort of dont really know how best 2 describe "a...

Cecil, NJ : US
I have sixteen piercings. They are as follows: *2 Left Ear (14G) *2 Rig...

I am a mistress, who is into play and genital piercing --- say hello, don't...
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