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1/22/2015 7:46:00 AM
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Favorite Movies
Superbad! Casino Royale, Clerks, Scary Movie 3
Favorite Music
Anything 80s! Love rock, power ballads, cheese!
Favorite Books
Any crime/ thriller. I prefer fact over fiction.
Favorite TV
Scrubs, Miami, LA and London Ink, chat shows :)
Favorite Artists
None in particular!
Drawing, keeping fit, writing songs, making clothes
Needles, caffeine and alcohol, all in one!
Newark, Nottinghamshire
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2/18/2008 1:48:00 PM
missneedles ( Unknown )
I'm a body piercer and tattoo artist. You can find my other profile containing piercing pictures at I've got 100 piercings... my collection including 1 x dermal anchor (neck), 1 x dermal anchor (hand), 1 x dermal anchor (eye), 1 x dermal anchor (navel), 1 x skin rivet (cheek), 1 x sternum (surface bar), 1 x wrist (surface bar), 11 x regular lobe piercings with 2 x 16mm tunnels, 7 x ear cartilage piercings, 2 x scaffold, 1 x conch, 1 x inner conch, 2 x tragus, 4 x eyebrow, 1 x bridge, 2 x nostril, 2 x septum, double snakebites, 1 x labret, 1 x medussa, 3 x madonna, 1 x scrumper, 2 x cheek, 2 x tongue, 1 x queen christina, 1 x 50mm christina to labia, 1 x 38mm princess diana, 1 x labia, 1 x horizontal hood, 1 x vertical hood, 5 x nipple, 9 x navel, 1 x vertical finger, 3 x hand, 1 x vertical wrist, 13 x horizontal wrist, 1 x wrist, 1 x hand web ... I'm running out of space now, so any suggestions welcome!

I'm currently residing in the lovely town of Newark. I'm very artistic, love drawing and painting. I like going out, staying in, colouring my hair, all forms of body art, working out, shopping; usual girly things! I'm a piercer and part-time model for magazines and various companies. Family and friends are the most important thing to me, I love them all to bits. I'm a very very very nice sweet girl, as long as you stay on my good side :)

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