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samppa von cyborg
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3/9/2014 2:50:00 PM
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9/17/2008 6:25:00 PM
SamppaVonCyborg ( London : UK )

Samppa Von Cyborg is one of the world's most famous practitioners of body modification and piercing. Samppa works extensively within the field of Body Modification and offers procedures of any size, ranging from basic piercings to very extreme modifications. Samppa Von Cyborg welcomes all clients regardless of the size of the work, their requirements, or their experience/knowledge of the body modification scene. Whether you’re looking for your first basic piercing or an extreme experimental modification, Samppa Von Cyborg is looking to hear from you. Prices are very competitive and average piercing prices are cheaper than those on the high street. Typical modifications include:

tongue splitting/scarification/ear procedures (e.g. pointing and lobe reconstruction)/subdermal implants/transdermal implants/genital beading/flesh stapling/microdermals/skin divers/tattoos/basic piercings.

Samppa Von Cyborg is keen to take on custom body modification work. If you have an idea, contact for a consultation, as more likely than not, the custom work a client has in mind will be possible.

Samppa Von Cyborg is also available to run body modification seminars and workshops, in addition to private teaching for anyone looking to learn and offer procedures to clients. Examples of seminars offered are: cross contamination and hygiene/basic piercing techniques/flesh stapling/surface piercing/microdermals/implants

Aside from practicing body modification, Samppa Von Cyborg works keenly on pioneering new modifications and his plans for the near future are to take his LED and vibrating implants past the prototype stage, and to offer them as modifications to clients.

You can contact Samppa via email: sampp[at]
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