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RocknStaxx3 ( Kokomo, IN : US )
- Chest Piece -N- 2 Days... X0P
The Name Is Trenton. I Am 20 Yrs. Old. I Am A Musician. I Make Music Ranging From Punkpop/Punk & Alternative To...Acoustic...To ***Techno/Electro/Club/Dance***...& Hip Hop...But Listen 2 [EVERYTHING & When I Say EVERYTHING I Mean EVERYTHING Lol]...!!! I Have Been Writing Lyrics & Poetry Since The Age Of Twelve.I'm A Perfectionist & Enjoy Art & Photogrphy Also...I'm A Dood Btw Lol

My Mods Include:
16g-Left Nostril
16g-Septum [Retired] [Contemplating On Coming Back Out Of Retirement Lol]
00g Lobes [Planning On Going 2 7/16 Or Bigger Who Knows]

Music is Life Tatt-Left Forearm

Angel Wing [R.I.P. Mom] Tatt-Right Forearm

Famous Star "Family" Tatt-Left Wrist

I'm Planning On Getting A Chest Piece VERY SOON...!!! =0)

I Am Very Open-Minded & Friendly...U Should + Me AS A Buddy ;0p
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