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Real Name
Shay Cooper
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1/5/2013 4:41:00 PM
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Favorite Movies
Quite a few of those as well.
Favorite Music
Everything. =]
Favorite Books
Too many to name.
Favorite TV
Kio does not watch TV.
Favorite Artists
Still too many to name.
I like plants, and nature, skating, I hang out with my friends. I study Modification practices, and many other subjects of interest in my free time.
Sweet Mary Janeee, Boomers, and Lucyy. Shisher BLKs.
Professional piercer to be.
Graduated High School.
Future Mods
Most of my body will be modified.
Turn Ons
Body Modifications, Pretty girls with pretty feet.
Turn Offs
Closed minded, unaccepting, ignorant people.
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4/13/2009 9:00:00 PM
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Tabula Rasa
Kioshoa ( Unknown )
- Hookahhhing it upp. May get a touch up later. :]
Hey, I'm Kio. I have a lot to say, but in all honesty, i hate to type. So.. Here are the basics:

I was born in Texas, Currently residing in Ohio. I was born into a family who, on both sides, are against Body Modification (with the exception of tattoos that cannot be covered up with a t-shirt). Both of my grandfathers were and are preachers in the Pentecostal church, yet I, ironically, subscribe to no organized religion.I love music, I listen to everything. I rap. I love playing my guitar. I am super into body modification, it is so expressive. It is actually a spiritual thing to me, not just something I do because I think it is cool or trendy. It is a part of me, and my modifications are a direct representation of the unity of my mind, body, and soul. I am a member of The Church of Body Modification. I am an arrogant, self absorbed asshole. I am absurd and suspicious. Full of conspiracy. A conspirator. Ridiculous. I have betrayed and have been betrayed. I am too trusting. But I am also doubtful. I will work my ass off. Yet I am lazy. I can turn a completely cold shoulder on you, but rarely without reason. Though it is known to happen. Fuck you. Fuck me? If I find that you are in my way, or holding me back, I will not hesitate to remove you from my life with barely a second glance back. I can love and care for you with all my heart. Or I cannot. I am cynical and blunt. Yet I am metaphorical and elusive. My reasoning for my actions will probably escape you and not make sense even if I explain it. Like I care. I can be outgoing as any. And I will be. If you ask, I will help you. Happily. I am a lover and fighter. A hater. I will give you everything I can of myself. I am Shay. This is me. Call me what you will. But I know who I am. What can I do for you? I wish to become a professional piercer, this is my dream. I study every article I can find on anything having to do with the subject. Everything from anatomy to aftercare to proper procedures. This is who i am, i trust that i will feel right at home in this community. Any helpful tips or advice that may help further my journey through this life of Modification would be greatly appreciated. =]

Current Modifications. =D

1. Right lobe- 6mm
2. Left lobe- 8mm
3. Left lobe, second hole- 6mm
4. Left lobe, third hole- 1mm
5. Tongue- 3mm

1. Cooper crest- right shoulder blade
2. Blob- upper right thigh.
3. S- upper right thigh.
4. Heart- right thigh.

1. Jumble-dee-gook- left arm/shoulder
2. Semi circle- right lower calf
3. "MAM"- left thigh.
4. Cutting- right front of upper thigh- curved arrow pointing left.

1. 5mm partial meatotomy.

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