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7/14/2013 10:41:00 AM
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Favorite Movies
lots, i am neillian, i like films
Favorite Music
from tori amos, to opeth, to daft punk, to puccini
Favorite Books
catcher in the rye, shanghai baby
Favorite TV
futurama, house, greys anatomy, south park, american dad
Favorite Artists
dali, blek the rat, georgia o'keefe
boys with freckles, shoes, underwear, gin, fags, caffiene, wow
Not Looking
Future Mods
my microdermal project, side tattoo, love and mercy on my upper arms
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5/9/2009 10:09:00 AM
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ilessthan3tea ( Unknown )
- is going as a day of the dead girl
I like to do this, alot. My waist is most likely creepily smaller than yours.

I am Neillian, Tea, Kitty, MacLachlan

..I am.

.. The Hopeless Romantic. Addicted to Caffine. Impulsive. Giggly. Creepy. Twee. Optimistic. Bad Speller. Geek. Book Slut. Daddys girl. Lover. Undead Warlock Demon Spec Liberal. Student. Drunkard. Bag and Shoe fiend. Trekkie Confident to a point. Morally Buddhist. Chesty. Daughter and Step Daughter. Sick, 4chan sick. Friend. Sub. Learner. Baker. Introvert. Body Modifier. Uncertian. Smiley. Underwear fiend. Surrogate mother to cats. Bipolar. Experienced more than I care for. Unjealous. Comic Book fiend. Monogamous. Kinky. Flawed.

..I love
*Skinbin and Fatboy *Caffine *Intimacy *Corsets * Gin and Cucumber Mojitos *Highland Park *Latex *Sleep *Card Games *Mahjong *Art Galleries *Being in love *Beards *Geckos *Underwear *Cinema *Books *Sushi *Futurama *Coco De Mere *Sour Cream *Star Trek *Thundercats *Duvet days *Mixed Tapes *Travelling *Bats *Letters *Strawberry Pencils *Romance *Star Trek *Proper food *Snow *Baths *X-files (pre season 5) *Bedding *Special K *Books *4chan *Rhubarb *Boneless chicken *Naked time *American Dad *Flying saucers *Soup *Baths *Antiques *Swastikas *Rosaries *Porridge *Snow *Bitter lemon *Hot water bottles *Caves *Camping at the beach *Baking *Green tea *Warcraft *Peanut Butter *Forests *Distilleries *24 *Stencilling *Grafitti *Sex Helmets *Sin- the jagerbombs, the sticky tables, cheese and onion squares.
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