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Mystic Metals and Organics
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Mystic Metals and Organics!
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mysticmetals ( Chesapeake, OH : US )
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We are avid body mod community supporters, and practice different forms of body modification ourselves.

Welcome to the Mystic Metals and Organics profile.

We are a small company and therefore give you that personal feel that you don't get with other companies. Got a question? Send us a message. Want to say what's up? Send us a message! Got something goofy to say? Comment us! We don't care! We're real people and we are one of you! So even though we are a business, we're just a group of fun loving people, who are kind of nerdy, and love mods.

Contact info:

Mystic Metals
19 Twp Rd 1098
Chesapeake, OH 45619


"Hey, got the order earlier today. The plugs are amazing, I luv them!!! And the delivery was super quick, you guys/gals rock!!" -Renee

"Hey guys, i received my order today. FAST shipping, Great quality products, i will deffinitly buy from you again. Thanks!" -Marjorie

"Wanted to send you guys a quick message to let you know i got all the tapers i ordered. The shipping was very fast and the tapers are working out great so far. You guys rock! Thanks! Cant wait to place more orders." -Amber

"i just wanted to let you know how happy i am with the plugs. the turn around time was incredible since most places say 3-6 weeks. they are spot on width and so smooth i know i wont have the issues i have out of my cheap 1 1/4" plugs. you just got yourself a new full term customer and i will be guiding anyone who needs TOP QUALITY custom plugs to you for sure. thanks for actually listening to and understanding what i need as an individual instead of just a quick buck. " -Paul

About wholesale catalogs for shops:

We have had many many requests for wholesale catalogs to send to tattoo shops. Since we are so new, we don't currently have a catalog yet, but one is in the works, so don't you worry. Also, I (Dave) will be setting up the wholesale section of the website for all you tattoo and piercing studio owners to resell.

What's in the works for 2009?

Soon, we would like for tattoo and body piercing studios to take orders for us for their current clientele. Right now, the only place to get custom wood plugs is online, but we want YOU to be able to sell them to your customers without them having to search and figure out where they can get plugs that need to be extra wide for their fat lobes. Or extra skinny, or 1 3/32", etc. Stay tuned for when that happens, a bulletin will be sent.

Gone is the way of a faceless company. Check us out! We're stand up people with a love for mod, and a love for our customers! They are what keeps us going!

-Dave, Manager, Mystic Metals Body Jewelry
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