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The Fifth Element, Matrix, Juno, Transformers, etc
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All different kinds
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White Oleander
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Dexter, Weeds
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10/3/2009 12:28:00 AM
Sun City
DeaOfScelestus ( Sun City, AZ : US )
- I have written a very important journal entry that directly relates to us all. PLEASE read it.
(I'm never on here anymore. I think its because no one here is capable of respecting other peoples opinions. Its either their way or you're fucking stupid. I can't handle uppity people. We are all here to learn from one another but no one ever wants to be constructive with their comments. Therefore, if you want to find me on FB, I'm under

I'm in love with being a piercer. There is nothing better than soaking up all the knowledge I can from this ever-changing industry. I also adore music; all different kinds. These two things keep me going, make me happy, light my fire, however you want to put it... body mods and music are my life.

I am 24, I am happily married and I'm currently located in Arizona but who knows where I'll be next year. I like a change of scenery often. :) I have 6 tattoos (soon to be 7!) and I used to have my tongue, navel, monroe, and lip, and vertical labret done but I have retired them all for one reason or another. I now only have my lobes x 6 (two are stretched to 00ga), my nose, my cheek and wrist anchors, my septum, my lovely nipples, and my VCH done. I'm alright there for now... (I say that all the time then I come home with another piercing *lol*)

All in all, I am quite friendly unless you piss me off... which is rather hard to do... so stop lurking and friend me already! ^_^
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