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  I haven't posted any mods yet.
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Real Name
Michael Jacobs
Last Visit
9/10/2010 1:27:00 PM
Forum Posts
Favorite Movies
Superbad, pineapple express, role models
Favorite Music
Metal all day long
Favorite TV
LA ink, miani ink. spongebob squarepants
About to start Tv and Film course at college.
In Relationship
Future Mods
Too many, i have them all in my profile.
Join Date
6/3/2010 10:28:00 AM
Modded_Mike ( Unknown )
Hey Guys I'm Mike
I'm from Hertfordshire
Deathcore/Hardcore/Death Metal
I Love Body Mods, Tattoos and Piercings
I'm Stretched, Pierced and Inked
I love rum. because i'm a pirate
Always want a different mod, going to end up looking pretty unique.

Current Mods:
Neon blue leopard print on shoulder
1.6mm standard vertical nipple piercing
38mm stretched left ear
24mm stretched right ear
Blue diamond tattoo, lower stomach

Retired mods:
Wrist piercing 1.6mm X 2
Septum 1.6mm
Upper cartilage 1.6mm
Conch 1.6mm

Wanted Mods:
Conches Punched 0G (booked 10th July)
Neon blue leopard print full sleeve
Huge Bottle of rum on left leg
Hawaiian piece on right leg
15mm Transscrotal, Diamond plug
Ear Pointing, both ears
Ankh small facial tattoo, under eye
50mm Stretched Lobes
Huge Anchient Egyption bird chestpiece
Another Diamond, lower stomach
Kiss Mark Penis Tattoo
"Deep Space" inspired sleeve by shane faulkner, king of fools, toronto
"Stay Dead" on knuckles
Split Tongue with each half pierced horizonally
Sixpack tattooed on my abs
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