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9/13/2012 12:58:00 PM
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Favorite Movies
DEAD SNOW!... if you havent seen it do it now!!!
Favorite Books
The melancholy death of oyster boy and friends
Favorite TV
anything thats on discovery
Favorite Artists
salvador dali
sweets hahaha
Future Mods
Piercings: high nostril both sides, medusa, 2 chest dermals, hip dermals, and (hopefully!) a dermal corset on the back of my neck.....tatts:lempicka inspired tribute to horror movies, sleeve, back piece, chest piece ... wanna be covered :D!
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8/29/2010 3:55:00 PM
Niagara Falls x)
missdali ( Niagara Falls x) : CA )
- carve your name into my arm ... instead of stressed i lie here charmed
hello hello :) my name is tonya. im 21 & Canadian. Married.

Started to get into body mods when i was 17 and havent stopped. Someday ill be covereddddd :).

I spend most of my time doing art and art related things. I paint and sculpt with wire :)

I also enjoy experimenting with my hair . . . ive done pretty much everything to it & am at the moment rockin' a navy mohawk x).

Body mods to date:
(9 piercings, 4 individual tattoos, 9 brands, two leg pieces started (1 tattoo & 1 branding))

- septum (LOST :()
- ears stretched to 1" :D
- double nostril
- vertical labret
- belly button (my first :))
- venom bites :D!
- my bridge

- both wrists have flaming tattoos (right wrist will eventually be a part of a sleeve)
- lower back tattoo (soon to be incorporated into a back piece)
- bottom half of left leg tattooed (going to be my entire leg)
- a huge sketch of freud on the entire top half of my right arm! <3!! :D

- branding on both hands
- three flowers branded on leg (going to be part of a leg piece im doing on myself)
- peace sign brand on left arm
- "Me" branded on my right ankle
- "You" branded above it,. top of calf

- x's and o's branded up my ribcage

:) love it .. always will
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