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erinarney ( Billings, MT : US )
I discovered my passion for piercing at four years old. My first client was my Barbie. She was a Christmas gift I didn't realize I was expected to dress and fix her hair. Instead I jabbed a diamond stud in her eyebrow and was absolutely amazed by her new found beauty! Overwhelmed with pride I showed my mom. She was furious! I had just discovered I had piercing in my blood, and my mom was hell bent on stopping me. Now 32 years older it is still my passion.
I started my piercing career in a small town in Northern California where I gradually moved up from apprentice to shop co-owner. After 10 years of working for myself, I decided my two children needed a better place to live. Moving them to Montana caused a couple set backs in my career, but after two years of patience and faith I was back in action again. I met a wonderful local shop owner who gave me a second chance. I was also extremely fortunate in being refreshed by one of the most talented and knowledgeable piercers around.
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