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Pana IL
piercingsbyKam ( Pana IL, IL : US )
My name is Kam, i am a body piercer. I have been piercing over 4 years now and loving every minute of it, I have been Properly trained in all clamp and freehand piercing and still learning everyday! I do anything from your standard nose, navel, and tounge to surface, corset and microdermal anchor piercings. I have been in the Springfield area for 5 years now and i have enjoyed meeting all of my clients and piercing all of my return clientel. Some of my inspirations are Shawn O'Hare, John Durante, Sean DowDell, Trevor Thomas, Mike Moore, Reverend Isacc Piercer and many moore...If i had to pick a favorite piercing, it would have to be microdermal anchor piercing, but corset piercings are up there to.
Here are some of my experience and Piercing Qualifications
I am a certified body piercer and registered with the Sangamon County Board of Health for the State of Illinois
I am certified in Blood borne Pathogens Awareness thru the state of Illinois (this means I know a lot on being clean with blood)
I have numerous certifications in first aid and safety
I have certifications with app (association of professional piercers)
I have pierced pretty much every part of the male/female body and have photos online to verify my work
I always try to find the most fashionable jewelry at the time of your piercing as long as it complies with healing standards.
Any new or experimental piercings I have performed were properly researched and tested on willing participants before offered to the general public to assure proper technique and safety.
I am very thorough with explanation of proper care of your piercing and give many ways to contact me if you have any questions.
So.. If you haven’t been pierced by me.. maybe after reading all this.. you should be..
Piercings By Kam

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