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Grace Quirrel
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1/28/2012 3:34:00 AM
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10/24/2011 2:48:00 PM
Grace Quirrel ( Unknown )
- There is glitter everywhere. I hate Christmas-based arts and crafts
I'm tall, wear glasses, from the UK, into anime and ballroom dancing.

I have:
6G lobes
a rook
2 tongue piercings
a microdermal at the bottom of my neck
and 6 G hood piercing

a tattoo of a delta on my torso, some writing on my arm, a nine tailed fox on my ankle

I've had:
various short term microdermals (my ankle, my shoulder, below my belly button) - they grew out
an anti-helix - got bored of waiting for it to heal
8G triangle - just got bored of it and wanted to try sex without it since I'd had it a while

I plan/would like to have:
a sister to my rook
a pair of 12 G inner labia (I'm not sure why 12 G, just seems like the right size)

I would like, but is never going to happen:
something Hellsing or Mushishi based tattoo on my upper arm (will never be able to decide/too visible
an inverse vertical labret (too unusual for work, not sure if I'm pouty enough and doubt I can be bothered with the healing)
finger webbing - just to see. If I ever get into play piercing, I might try
play piercing generally. I don't have anyone physically close who'd be into it, and there's no point by yourself
some kind of scarification, Hellsing design. It's so cool and freaky but I'd just bottle it and run.

I work in a relatively informal office, love my industry but it involves big meetings with our competitors, so a relative level of decorum is required.

Last but not least, I have a long distance (by British standards) boyfriend, who is wonderful and useless at the same time and not into modding.
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