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Mana Arts ( Chauvin, LA : US )
Taylor·20·Lil-weezy-ana·Modifier·Has a fiancee, respect that.

I'm rather anti-social so it may take time to get replies, sorries.

Five Piercings:

Head & Ears
16mm (5/8") Inner-Conches, Both left and Right

12.5mm (1/2") Standard Lobes, Both left and right

6mm(2g) Septum

Six Surgical Mods:

Penile Glans Split

Partial Subincision

Four Half cut bead implants in my penis shaft.

Nine Scarification:

Rattie cutting, right calf

Spiral Cutting, right foot

Love Bulb Cutting,
left foot

Heart Skin Removal/Cutting, both right and left thigh tops

Dove cutting, left hand

Script cutting, left forearm

Two line cutting, right cheek

One mistake, that will soon be gone.
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