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cris black
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7/24/2014 7:54:00 PM
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Favorite Movies
a clockwork orange, anything zombie
Favorite Music
industrial (psyclon nine, combichrist, etc.)
Favorite Books
what's a book?
Favorite TV
.... fuck TV
metal gear solid
junk food
Drill Crew Chief, Piercer (appointment only)
some college, streets
Future Mods
working on full leg and arm coverage, chest and back to follow
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Turn Offs
skank bitches
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5/28/2004 7:12:00 AM
freakychild ( , GA : US )
my name is cris black.

i live in georgia.

that's just about it.

i'm rather boring.

i have been professionally piercing for a tad over 4 years.

at the current moment, i am not in any studio's employ... i do, however, still pierce.
let me explain,
my 'bill paying' job gives me a schedule in which i cannot be at a studio except on thursday nights, fridays, saturdays, and sundays due to my constant traveling around the state (i haven't slept at my own house, during a work week, in almost 5 years)...
my 'bill paying' job gives me a rather comfortable living, so i am not relying on piercing to keep me stable.
i have a life, outside of working.. barely, but i do...
i have a client base who are faithful to me from my previous workings at a previous shop i was at, so when they want something they will call me and we'll set up an appointment.
i use the facilities of a local tattoo and piercing shop to do my work and store most of my gear.

and yes, i'm a piercer and yet i have no piercings of my own... my body rejects piercings of any type... i've tried, and every single time (no matter what or where) my body rejects the piercing... so, tattoos are my thing...

my friends call me a human encyclopedia, or a "know it all asshole" when it comes to a whole buncha things, including piercings and tattoos (and all things related)... so i'll apologize in advance if i bore anyone at any point in time with information that may or may not be a direct answer to any question...


small Chaos star behing right ear

smiley face w/ crossbones on inner lip

CombiChrist winking skull logo on the back of my neck with blue blood splatter

skull/batwings/huge fuckin black cross on chest

tribal heart on outer right upper bicep

skull w/ crossed piercing needle and forceps on inner right bicep

half sleeve left bicep in progress(war scene)

"momento mori" in white UV down inner left forearm

Left leg is dedicated solely to pinups and tattoos of women.. those include so far:

very large dreadlocked/bikini'd girl on left front thigh

nursegirl pinup on outer left calf

Lucy the Daughter of the Devil on lower shin, left leg

Phoebe (from the WormWood, Gentleman Corpse graphic novels) on upper left shin

Jessica Rabbit portrait on upper outer left calf

full inner left calf panel Black and Grey Demon and Woman done be Jace Masula of All or Nothing Tattoo at the Augusta Tattoo Expo June 6 2009

strange line drawing skull an halo thingy with "drug free" underneath on outer right calf

"what doesn't kill me, makes me stronger" on back of right calf

Kidney in the style of a Sacred Heart design on inner right calf

blue work coverup of a shitty tattoo surrounding the kidney done by Jace Masula of All or Nothing

"M.G.N" under the kidney tattoo (self done, acronym for the kidney disease i have)

NEVER AGAIN in black and red lettering down the front of my right shin...

and a camel on my right big toe.... i have a camel toe...

and a couple of random dots all around... two on my right ankle, one on my left calf... and one on the back of my head...

a stick man zombie chasing a stick man with the words "RUN! ZOMBIE!" over it all on the inner right ankle area.

Jessica Rabbit, from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit", on the upper outside left calf area.

Dr. Girlfriend, of The Venture Bros. cartoon fame, on the back of my left calf.

'NEVER AGAIN" down my right shin

a 39.5 square inch rectangle of full black tattoo on my right front thigh..

i almost forgot,

the word ZOMBIE across my fingers below the second joints... the I is done in a way that it makes an exclamation point when i give someone the finger.

i'm always getting new shit.. so, keep checking if you care...


12g P.A.
00g Tongue
eyebrow piercing
12g PTFE deep chest

Eternity_awaits (at) Hotmail dot com
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