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Real Name
Paul Bartley
Last Visit
10/15/2012 2:35:00 PM
Forum Posts
Favorite Movies
Any thing with Zombies.
Favorite Music
Metal,Punk and...Micheal Buble!?
Favorite Books
Anything by Irvine Welsh, Henry Rollins, etc.
Favorite TV
frasier, firefly,arrested development ect.
Reading, listining to music, watching movies...and painting.
None spring to mind...
ha ha ha...HELL NO
Secondry school or High School
Lucan, Co. Dublin
Future Mods
too many to name...
Turn Ons
Many Things
Turn Offs
Not So Many Things
Join Date
6/12/2007 6:23:00 AM
Favorite Quote
Shit,Paul..look, its a Grogre..Get him.
paulobartini ( DUBLIN : EI )
- has decided that he has ignored this website for too long...and is planning on changing tha!! :Dt
Hey, how's it going? I'm Paul. I'm 18.

I DID once shoot a man in Reno...but not to watch him's because he was a nazi!!!!

I am currenly in college in N.U.I Maynooth (national university of Ireland, Maynooth) doing a course in Theology, Sociology and Greek and Roman civilization. I am a very nice, friendly person once you get to know me...but, not very many people do.

I am not an individual...nor do i claim to be...i am not "punk as fuck" or "metal as fuck". I am simply trying to be myself as much as possible. And believe is more difficult then it seems.

There is nothing increadibly special about me, i like to think that I'm smart and funny, but so does the next guy. The only thing that makes me different from the next guy is that i am not looking to get "into womens pants",as the old saying goes. I am currently looking for someone i can truely trust. Because, I don't have complete trust in anyone i know at the moment.

I think it is better to step back, take a breath and analyze the situation before making a decision. Because you only get one choice, so you had better make the right one.

Ok, I realise that all this had made me sound like a really depressing person...but I'm not. Like I said, I am a very nice person. I'm pretty outgoing...but you just have to get to know me.

And plus, It's absolutely rediculous for anyone to expect you to describe yourself in a few sentences!!!!

I have-
-right nostril
-right ear lower conch
-right ear rim,
-left ear 11mm tunnel (and still growing!)
-Left Nipple

I've had-
-left eyebrow
-right eyebrow(horizontal)
-right nostril (both nostril piercings were in at the same time, which looked great, but was too much hassle. there's only one in now)

I'm From The Republic Of Ireland, But I'm not a leprechaun.....WHAT?!? I hear you say...but alas it's true, because not everyone from Ireland is an alcoholic leprechaun who speaks in a series of..." ah...sure Diddley idol odil doo"

oh...And I love Bruce Springsteen, Marvin Gaye, Weezer.

I'm a big fan of Mark Ryen And Banksy.

So, If you want to have a quick chatette...feel free to drop me a comment.

I now have a tattoo of a penguin on my leg!
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