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Real Name
Anders Allinger
Last Visit
10/13/2014 2:28:00 PM
Forum Posts
Favorite Movies
Star Wars, Alien 1-4, Wild At Heart, Ereaser Head ,Birdy,The Simpson ,Harry potter and much more
Favorite Music
Tool, Red Hot Chili Pepers ,Nick Cave,me first and gimme gimme's,U2,David Bowie,KISS,Sepultura, Soullfly ,BoB Marley and much more
Favorite Books
The Dark Tower Serie
Favorite TV
House,Californicatio, came showes to metion some
Body modifications
Scarification &body modification Artist
Tyreso Sweden
Future Mods
More Tattooes And Scarification ,Lobe scalpelling,
Join Date
10/30/2007 12:17:00 AM
Gold Coast
Alienboy ( Gold Coast : AU )
- Hell yes !
Grettings !! My name is Anders AKA Anders The Piercing Guy
i'm a professional scarification & modification Artist
I'm Currently preparing for my move to Sweden, I will be based around Stockholm, I will update where I will be working as soon as I get a job, so if there is anyone in the Stockholm area that need a Modification Artist, Scarification Artist and Piercer in their shop ,Please let me know :)

I've been working at Flesh Impressions(Gold Coast Australia) for the last 4 years and have about 15 years of professional experience. I do professional body piercing, Scarification, Genital beading,implantsand some more xtrem mods. I enjoy my work and take great pride in all the modifications I do. I am constantly reading and learning more to become better in my craft. Please check my web-site, were you can see some of my work !

I love going out for dinner with my beautiful wife Natalia and playing with our beautiful daughter Magdalena Mavie. I like listening to music, pretty much any type of music. I like cooking .I like going to concerts .I like gold class cinema. I like my cats lexi and remi - they are orientals. I like getting tattooed .I like coffee.

I am a collector ,I collect bad taste bears, simpson trading card and bleeding edge goth figurines and more ...

RETIRED MODS: vertical maddisson, labret, rook, helix
Vertical labret x2, P.A . 12g scrotum , frenum.

CURRENT MODS: 6ga septum, Split tounge, 1g Gonch,
1 1/16 inch lobes, 10 mm lobe, 2g P.A
8g frenum, 00g scalpelled labret,
3 X 0g genital beads.

TATTOOs: Both arms sleeved, both legs done to just above th eknee, 4 stars from ribs to pubic.
Sacred heart on my back dedicated to my Love
Wings on me neck, Black Toe

SCARIFICATION: 3 stars cut & branded at auscon,
Rocket cut and branded on right chest.
Rocket cutting on left hand
Swirl cutting on left hand
Ancient mask cutting on right upper leg

MUSIC THAT I ENJOY: Billie holiday,Tool,Cherry Popping Daddies,Soulfly,sepultura, nirvana,Bob Marley,David Bowie, KISS,Motorhead,duran duran ,depeche mode, scissor sisters


I DON`T LIKE: Ignorent people, Except for that
I`m pretty easy going.

FAVORIT FILMS I LIKE: Ereaser Head, One Night On Earth,
The cook, The Thief,the wife & her lover ,
The grand Buffe, KILLBILL 1 & 2
Alien 1-4,Starwars(all),Lord of the rings,
arthouse movies,Ed Wood classics.
Well these are some of them
the list is much longer,Thank you!

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